Zerowaste Progress : Personal Care

3 thoughts on “Zerowaste Progress : Personal Care”

  1. Hi! I am happy to find your blog and great to know that you are living in Dublin too. I am trying to reduce my waste too, starting from vegetables ( like stop buying veggies that wrapped with plastic ) ! Do you have any idea where can we get bulk grocery in Dublin? I havent found any yet…




    1. Hi Ling! It’s great to hear of another Dubliner interested in this. The lack of bulk buying is my main obstacle to zero waste. The temple bar market on a Saturday has oats, muesli and some dried fruits in bulk and you can bring your own container. The coffee stand there will also fill you coffee canister and there is also a stall that sells olives, hummus and cheese etc that will fill your own containers. Butchers look at me weirdly when I ask them to fill glass containers but I haven’t been refused. The butcher in Sandymount was the best for this and sells free range products. I have found rice in cloth bags in the Asian supermarket but I still have to buy lentils, nuts, couscous and other grains in plastic packaging. The Saturday market in the Andrews Resource centre on Pearse street sells loose lettuce leaves and has loose soap, refillable laundry liquid and dishwashing liquid and toilet paper in compostable packaging. A major problem is that these markets are on Saturdays so if I’m not around or working it can mean having to buy packaged items. Please do let me know if you discover other items in bulk anywhere!


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