Edible Cutlery!

I’m still mega busy with PhD and it’s keeping me from being able to blog, but when I saw this I had to share it with you. Edible cutlery could be revolutionary for reducing unnecessary waste and I really hope this company and idea takes off. Imagine this at Music festivals, airplanes, fast-food places. Not only is … Continue reading Edible Cutlery!

Keeping up with the Joneses – zero waste & furniture design

Keeping our homes welcoming and neat is important to most of us. But often I see people obsessing with having the newest furnishings in their home and redecorating when the slightest wear appears. Reupholstering worn fabric or revarnishing is rarely considered these days and some people even think they must have the newer model or their friends will … Continue reading Keeping up with the Joneses – zero waste & furniture design

Small Apartments

Wow am I glad I decluttered now! My landlord has decided to sell the house I live in and so I need to find somewhere new. It has been a good little house and we were lucky to be there for three years but rent prices are going up and the market isn’t great so … Continue reading Small Apartments