Organic Indecision

2017 Update: This post 7 years ago shows that the amount of decent public information on the topic has greatly increased. It is quite clear now that certain neurotoxin pesticides leave residual traces on fruit and veg. However small the amounts I would like to reduce the amount I ingest so I mostly buy organic … Continue reading Organic Indecision

Internet Shopping!

In an effort to broaden my ecological horizons I have taken to surfing the internet. I found that the Guardian website has a lovely green directory. It is completely worth a browse. I haven’t been hugely impressed by the clothing ranges in general because I still think that designated green fashion leaves a lot to … Continue reading Internet Shopping!

My Eco-Challenge

Welcome to my eco-challenge. For the month of February I will be attempting to make my life as eco-friendly as possible without changing my lifestyle too much or succumbing to any of the following: Sacrificing my Social Life Living like a hippy Not washing Routing through bins for leftover food Eating inedible muck with no … Continue reading My Eco-Challenge